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Welcome to Hotel Rodenbach

Hotel - Restaurant Rodenbach Enschede is a household name when it comes to gastronomy shrouded in atmosphere, rich history and hospitality . The unique location in the green heart of the city Rodenbach offers the best of both worlds. It is located in the proximity of the town centre and at the same time it is located next to the beautiful ‘Volkspark’, a pleasant and quiet parc.

You also enjoy the outdoors in our private garden terrace . The terrace of Rodenbach has won the 3rd place at the Terrace Election of the Volkskrant in 2011. " Everbodyin Enschede knows the terraces at the Old Market, but the terrace of Rodenbach is a too well-kept secret," written by Marieke de Voogt of the Volkskrant.

Hotel - Restaurant Rodenbach has good accessibility, it is within walking distance of the train station and is easily accessible by car, it is located on the near the center from the A1 and A35 . Parking is not a problem: the parking lot can accommodate 60 cars.